Encouraged, imagination drives management insight.
Focused, management insight fosters business intelligence.
And, when appropriately applied, business intelligence improves operational performance and productivity.

CICONIX, LLC was founded with a focus on providing advanced and effective methods, tools and technologies for Federal government clients who seek contract resources in at least one of our specialties in three mission-critical areas.

  • Program Governance and Organizational Development

  • Business Advisory and Technical Assistance

  • Business Operations Support and Information Management (IM)

We are particularly interested in military and Veterans healthcare.

The health and well-being of America’s active duty military, Veterans, and Reservists and Guardsmen, as well as that of their families, is always at the forefront of what we do at CICONIX. Consequently, we have built a deep talent pool of Subject matter Experts (SME) in Program Governance, Continuous Process Improvement (CPI), Data Analysis and Information Management, and Medical and Scientific Research to ensure that every Warfighter, or any member of their family, is afforded the absolute best healthcare based on the newest ideas and latest approaches.

Key CICONIX differentiators include:

Virtual Health Program Expertise

Medical and Scientific Research Technical Assistance (TA)

"Lean" Training and Advisory

Targeted and Scalable Allied Health Staff Augmentation

Founder's Message

Mr. Marion A. Porter established CICONIX in 2012 with a wealth of knowledge from more than 20 years of progressive experiences in Government contracting. As his career began to grow, Mr. Porter noticed a common trend that helped shape one of our founding principles.

Treat every employee fairly and as a partner and never discriminate.

“As you get older in life, a lot of firms start looking for younger people. Those individuals may be just as highly engaged, but, in may instances, they come at less money and with lower work-life balance demands,” Porter said.

The former U.S. Navy Corpsman is changing the narrative.

“In a world of ever increasing complexity, there is always more than one way to approach a problem. One reason that I started CICONIX was to provide competent and qualified individuals, especially people like me who may have otherwise “aged out” in the industry, a place to land. I don’t care about the age, race, sexual orientation, political preference or personal background of our employees. Given the opportunity and encouragement, my only concern is that we all work in unison to contribute to the common good of our clients by bringing outside perspectives and frank advice on organizational governance, improved processes, metrics and performance standards.”

CICONIX, therefore, promises each employee not only a fair chance to use their professional knowledge to make a real difference in the mission and objectives of our clients, but also the real chance to have personal fulfillment and a better-than-average quality of life.

Marion A. Porter

We are proud of our past and present performance, and look forward to the future.

Past and Present Performance

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