Happy Birthday CICONIX!

When I established CICONIX on April 26, 2012, I had nothing more than the encouragement of my family and friends, some strong opinions about its structure and purpose, and a whole lot of hope that the result would end up as I imagined.

In the beginning there were quite a few struggles, but we persevered and evolved. Over time, CICONIX developed a portfolio of capabilities that is the foundation of our performance and reputation.  None of what we have accomplished thus far, however, would be possible without the experience, competence, and commitment of our employees.  Fast forward to today six years later, I could not be more proud of how far we have come.

A number of factors have been and continue to be crucial to our success – one is our culture of collaboration and empowerment.  We expect, and are dedicated to delivering, a high level of quality performance.  As the Leader of a management organization that is intentionally lean, my main concern is to make sure that each member of the CICONIX Team knows their role, understands that all ideas are worthwhile, and is encouraged to participate with the promise that their contributions will be recognized.  What that means is clearly communicating our priorities, genuinely listening to the opinions of others, honestly admitting to and then learning from our mistakes, and actively promoting civility and respect across the enterprise.

A second and equally as important success factor is our People.  CICONIX strives to consistently attract and retain solid talent that is a fit both corporately and with our contracted requirements, while being fundamentally blind to age, race, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, or political preferences.  Moreover, we take seriously the responsibility to choose staff carefully and then take care of them so that they, in turn, can exceptionally serve the mission and objectives of our Clients.  Done well, our Clients benefit from People who are reliably motivated and engaged. CICONIX is rewarded with the ongoing loyalty of those Clients and Partners because of our People. And CICONIX shares in the rewards of that loyalty by offering market-competitive compensation and benefits, and a better than average work-life balance for our People.  It is winning cycle for everyone.

So, as CICONIX looks forward to another year, I want to say both “thank you” and “stay tuned” to everyone who has played a part in helping us to make the company I imagined six years ago a reality – we are only getting started and the best is yet to come!

Marion Porter, President