CICONIX one of the sponsors of The Foundation Schools’ 2018 Benefit

For any who may not know, The Foundation Schools is an organization in the metro DC area that has been providing innovative programs and support services to address the educational, social and mental health needs of children and adolescents with emotional disabilities and learning challenges for more than 40 years. It is an honor and privilege to have been recently named to the Board of Directors.  I look forward to working with my fellow Directors, and the organization’s leadership and staff to improve the lives of students who otherwise might not benefit from the opportunities available to them.  Meanwhile, I am also pleased to share that CICONIX was one of the sponsors of their highly successful “2018 Benefit,” an event that raises funds for the intensive programming students of The Foundation Schools need in order to not only overcome the challenges that they immediately face, but also to enable them to thrive long-term.

Marion Porter, President